Birth Gemstone Report


Use of precious gemstones for healing and karmic change is an ancient science in India called Jyotish or the science of light.

As explained in quantum physics, the saints in India explained thousands of years back that all creation is made of rays or radiations; and these rays or waves form the foundation of our material and ether based Universe.

We all know of the different energy systems – the 9 colours of rainbow, the 7 notes of music, and the 7 systems of Ayurveda, the 5 elements and the 5 senses. All these energy systems resonate, react and complement each other and create harmonies in our lives. When our receptivity to these essential life giving energy systems get limited or diminished or when they go out of balance due to various reasons, especially our past negative karma, it is then that a gemstone’s subtle electro-magnetic radiation can be most useful.

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